Friday, November 26, 2010

Lync (and OCS) presence–the hard way!

So assuming that the easy way ( - the easy way is to use UCMA 3.0, see the ‘Microsoft UCMA 3.0\SDK\Core\Sample Applications\QuickStarts\PublishPresence’ sample in the SDK) is not for you for some reason – such as your implementing your own application using a 3rd party SIP stack on a non-windows platform and you don’t want to build a simple web service that does the heavy lifting for you on a windows box..
To get started you should read the dry but informative protocol spec, [MS-PRES]. And you should also review presence basics (that article is OCS, so doesn’t include the new Lync bits like location and pictures, but it’s a good overview). You will also find the Enhanced Presence Schema download handy – this consists of all the schema mentioned in the protocol specs so you can use a tool to create strongly typed objects in your language of choice as well as a help file (for windows) which is a little more digestible than [MS-PRES].

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